First Day of Spring




Office Noir

photo by Derek Pell

The other coast is bracing for a noirish weekend. Stock up on batteries and keep those speedlights loaded.

Here on the Left Coast we’ll settle for fog.

photo by Derek Pell

Goodnight, Irene.

Rainy Daze

photo by Derek Pell

We had several days of rain here in northern California. The sun & warmth returned this morning.

Praise Ra.

Cold Snap

photo by Derek Pell

It seems I just can’t escape the winter no matter where I go. This  photo was taken in Tahoe. Some poor sap has been stranded at a gas station for two months.  Imagine his shock when he gets the thing out  and sees the price at the pump.

Might as well just leave it there.

photo by Derek Pell

Spring Check-Out


I’m getting another taste of winter. About 20-degrees this morning here in Laramie, bitter winds and tea-weak motel coffee. Last night, en route from Denver, we encountered a wicked ice storm, featuring dense fog and 50mph wind-gusts. I crawled past jack-knifed trucks at about 20mph while trying to find  the divider line.  A night like that is enough to erase all this trip’s boredom.

Well at least the sun is shining.

After the Storm

photo by Derek Pell

The move back to CA has been delayed a few days, allowing me to soak up some more strange weather. First it was the snow storm at the end of March. Then, on Saturday, Charlottesville was struck by a hail storm. No golf balls, but you still had to duck and cover.

Had  to wait till the storm ended before shooting since I didn’t have my Rainsleeve handy. (Doh.) It looked like a tornado was forming in the distance, but then the sun broke through and it turned out to be just another cold, wintry afternoon.

photo by Derek Pell

Spring, not.

April Fools & April Nudes!

from the Zoom Street 2011 Calendar

I just won the lottery. (April Fools.)

Is it spring yet? Must be,

As you’re reading this I’m on the road, driving across the good old USA to sunny (I hope) California. Winter in Charlottesville, Virginia was a hellish reminder of why I abandoned the East Coast for Left.

We had snow on March 27th—a final kick in the butt goodbye.

Spring Flower?

First stop, San Rafael to pick up stuff in storage, then it’s   north through wine country to Hidden Valley Lake and Zoom Street’s new home near the water…

Hidden Valley Lake

Speaking of ZS, don’t miss the Third Annual April Nudes special issue—featuring galleries of new photographs by Diana Scheunemann and Jeffrey Robb.


Now that’s what I call Spring Break.