“Only the artificial can be completely real.”

cover by Norman Conquest

Cover by Norman Conquest

Diptych #4 (2006) by Jim McMenamin & Norman Conquest

Diptych #4 (2006) by Jim McMenamin & Norman Conquest

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Ménage à trois, anyone?

"Somebody Always Gets Burned"

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And speaking of threesomes…

let’s turn from art nostalgia to Lit nostalgia.

Threesome by Lawrence Block

No, it’s not a mystery but it was written by the Grand Master himself—Lawrence Block—under the penname Jill Emerson. The paperback was published in 1970 and is long out of print, but it’s available in a Kindle edition here

I haven’t read it yet, but you can bet I will.

Conversation Pie(r)ce

book-object by Norman Conquest

3-De Sade (1979). Book-object by Norman Conquest. Mixed media: book, blood, and spike. One of three examples.  [photo: bps]

Having seen this work up close, I can report that the spike driven through the cover served to elevate the edition as a display stand.

According to the artist this was not intentional, but “a fortuitous perk.”

More remarkable was how Conquest managed to achieve the nearly identical three-legged bloodstain on all three covers.