About the Editors


dpDerek Pell founded Zoom Street in 2008. He is a writer, visual artist and photographer. Formerly a regular contributor to National Lampoon and Playboy, his work has appeared in more than 300 magazines and newspapers in the U.S. and Europe, including Rolling Stone, LA Weekly, Natural  History, The London Times, Interview, American Forests, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, and Fiction International.

carlaCarla M. Wilson has been practicing various art forms since childhood, including drawing, painting, ceramics, music, theater and writing. Her love of travel, books, art, and film led to her B.A in Communications and MFA in Creative Writing. Her most recent art and writing can be found online and in print in various journals, including  Talking Writing,  Fiction International, Poetry International, and Sleipnir.  Her first  book, Impossible Conversations, a series of homages to artists, writers, and filmmakers, was recently published by Black Scat Books.