The Dog Days of August


With a vaccine for Covid-19 looking like a chimera, the only medicine I trust right now is laughter, and Bill Boggs’ new novel, The Adventures of Spike the Wonder Dog, offers up enough chuckles and guffaws for an overdose.

So there’s some good news in these dismal times. A injection to the funny bone is just what the epidemiologist ordered.

Now Spike is no run-of-the-mill English bull terrier—this “wonder dog”  has a mouth on him, i.e.,  he talks and tells his own tale (no pun intended) in an inimitable, hilarious voice. And in case you missed the warning on the cover, Spike  is not politically correct. No bull—he talks smack and is wickedly wiseass beyond his dog years. In short (move over, Lassie), he’s a four-legged superstar.

Spike is based on an  actual dog  who—like the fictional one—became a TV celebrity.  And since  Bill Boggs is an Emmy award-winning TV talk show host [and—full disclosure—a friend) he knows the territory inside and out, so there’s plenty of biting insider humor.

If you’re looking for satire that hasn’t been paper-trained, grab a copy on Amazon.