HUGH MOORE is back in a new edition!


Whenever a novel by Eckhard Gerdes appears, it’s a cause for celebration. His  books are filled with the unexpected.  He has a big bag of tricks that make many of us envious, and his works contain  hidden pleasures and manic wit. Experimental? You betcha, but only in the best sense.of that exasperating word, for Gerdes never forgets the reader–he engages you — challenges you, tickles you and kicks your ass.

Hugh Moore  (pun intended) was originally published in 2010, but the book was hard to come by. So here’s a spanking new edition from Heroinum Press in Australia and I’m ready for some fine German brew, an overstuffed sofa, and a good reading lamp.

That this book features a foreword by Miriam Patchen, the widow of the great poet & novelist  Kenneth Patchen, speaks volumes (no pun intended).  Indeed, Eckhard Gerdes embodies the spirit of Kenneth Patchen – a sublime mixture of humor (OK, pun intended)  and protest. But that’s as far as II’ll go here. As Magritte might have said (had he been an American), this is not a book review. This is a command: get Hugh Moore, read it immediately, and then we’ll talk.