Prop Art


Here’s a paperback I’ve been eager to get my hands on— THE DARK GALLERIES: A MUSEUM GUIDE TO PAINTED PORTRAITS IN FILM NOIR, GOTHIC MELODRAMAS, AND GHOST STORIES OF THE 1940S AND 1950S by Steven Jacobs & Lisa Colpaert  (ARAMER).

I first mentioned this book in a post last September and a copy has finally landed on my desk—bravo! (Official pub. date is March 31st) The concept is so deliciously eccentric it makes me want to compile The Encyclopedia of Fedoras. Fashion aside, who can forget  the portrait of Carlotta Valdes in Hitchcock’s Vertigo,  but I’ll  bet  the farm nobody can name the artist. (It was created especially for the film by the modernist painter John Ferren.)

Art  factors into the plots of a surprising number of film noir favorites such as Preminger’s Laura  and Cukor’s  Gaslight—as well as in many obscure releases. Well I’m happy to report you’ll find them all in The Dark Galleries.

The authors have produced an analytical study of cinema and painting that’s also a highly readable (and fun) reference. Indeed, this illustrated guide to an imaginary museum is like a big bucket of buttered popcorn for fans of film noir.

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