Bold! Old! Noir! New!


Here’s a delicious  (and fattening) gift for designers & typography-addicts—SHADOW TYPE: Classic Three-Dimensional Lettering  by Steven Heller and  Louise Fili  (Princeton Architectural Press).

If the noirish cover design (by Ms. Fili and Spencer Charles) doesn’t whet your appetite, have your eyes checked immediately.

This gorgeous, 352-paged, full-color compilation features obscure late 19th century metal and wood type, as well as forgotten shadowy faces from  Europe and America, from 1940’s noir through the 1950s. Shadow Type is  fairly bulging with billboards, vintage specimen sheets, advertisements,  movie titles, posters, and packaging.


It’s always cause for celebration when Fili and Heller collaborate on a design book, but this one’s a four-course meal.

You can order the hardcover edition on Amazon here

A paperback edition will be available in April, and can be pre-ordered  here.