They’re all tech’d up, so what do you give?


That’s the problem… what do you give the techie who has everything? The answer, I’ve discovered, is either RAM or external storage space. Nobody has enough. And since giving RAM isn’t practical, an external backup drive saves the day. Well I can’t think of a better model than the G Drive Slim USB 3.0 Drive from G-Technology. It’s cool and practical. Oh, and did I say slim? Well make that “Ultra Slim” …slim as in stocking stuffer slim.

It looks sexy, it’s dependable, it’s light as a wallet sans the cash, and it comes in various capacities. What more could you want in an external drive? And you don’t have to worry whether the techie on your list runs Mac or Windows, the G Drive thrives on either platform. It comes formatted for Macs, but reformatting for Windows is a  two minute snap.

For those on a tight budget, the 500 GB model is the best bet. I have one plugged into my laptop and—in combination with my GoodSync software—I’ve got reliable, automatic backup 24/7, and don’t have to do a thing.

No speed bumps either with the G Drive Slim, it’s  practically airborne at 7200 RPM. (23% faster than 5400 RPM hard drives.)

So there you have it. Something for the techie s/he won’t return. And while you’re at,  give yourself one, too, even if you don’t have everything.