Terry Southern Strikes Again

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Black Scat Books has just released a limited edition chapbook-sized collection of rare works by the late, great satirist Terry Southern—author of such novels as Candy, The Magic Christian, Flash and Filigree,  Blue Move (et al..) and screenplays:  Dr. Strangelove, The Loved One, Easy Rider, End of the Road, and other classics.

Hot Heart of Boar & Other Tastes includes a grisly (and hilarious) excerpt from The Hunters of Karinhall, an unproduced screenplay— and when you read it you’ll know why it was never filmed.
Southern’s son, Nile Southern, has written introductory notes for each text, and the book includes illustrations in suitably bad taste by Norman Conquest.  The edition is limited to just 125 copies which will probably sell out quickly. Fans of outrageous satire can order the book here.