The End is Here

photograph by Jill Greenberg

Victory. Photograph by Jill Greenberg

Head shots of runny-nosed, tear-stained, bawling children would be upsetting enough, but Jill Greenberg’s eerie portraits take the upset to another level. We’ve seen some of these faces, or assume we have, yet there’s an alien quality that’s just plain spooky.

How the photographer achieves her effect is mysterious and not easily duplicated.  Of course Greenberg’s lighting is key (no pun intended), but does she doctor the skin-tones, airbrush in Photoshop? More significantly, how does she get her young models to burst into tears?

Still, these are peripheral questions of interest to photographers, yet not necessarily to those who will want to put Greenberg’s book —End Times  (TF Editores/D.A.P)—on their coffee table.

No, let the work stand on its own and be haunted by the echo of distressed little souls.

The book is in paperback and you can order it here.