Still evolving…

Since July 4th, 2008 (nearly 800 posts ago) Zoom Street has been an eclectic mix of technical news & reviews, photography, art, and countless book reviews. (Well, I suppose someone could count them, but it won’t be me. I flunked math.) In the past two years the focus has shifted clearly to the  latter in various categories (nonfiction, politics, art, etc.), as well as plugs for forthcoming titles that look enticing.

This explains the new masthead & tagline above. We have evolved to a site whose focus is the printed word.

The editor’s passion for certain mysteries and noir is obvious to anyone who regularly walks this beat. However, what has largely been missing from the coverage is avant-garde fiction, and works of an experimental nature. (The previous post on Queneau’s Exercises in Style represents the exception rather than the rule.) In the future, we will add more eccentric titles to the mix of mainstream offerings.

We hope you’ll continue to browse here often.