What Fell Between the Cracks?

Here are a few items Santa may have neglected to bring.

It’s about time you consider giving yourself a gift.


Yes, finally there’s a solution for that dreaded “zoom creep.”  If you own a zoom lens you know what I’m talking about. Say, for example, you’re shooting a portrait  and  focus your 18-200 telephoto at an optimal  85…, then, momentarily, you tilt the lens down and–zap–it slips to 200. A royal pain. Now thanks to the  LENS BAND, you can lock in your desired focal length with no more “oops.” It comes in colors and is only $4,99. Check it out at lensband.com



Candy for the Eye, Oh-My!


Here’s our friend–artist Miggs Burroughs–on a recent visit to London. He wasn’t expecting snow (and there wasn’t any) but we decided to give him some since we were jealous.

To do the trick, we went to one of our favorite special effects Photoshop plug-ins, ALIEN SKIN EYE CANDY 7.

Here’s a snowy screen-shot:


Brrr…  it’s cold outside. We’d better do something to warm him up.



OK, but where’s the smoke?

You know what they say…where there’s fire there’s smoke.



That’s pretty good, but I still think we’re missing something. How ’bout some lightning?




Well… maybe it’s a bit over the top, but we’re not using all the tools Eye Candy has to tweak the parameters, we’re just winging it with the default settings because we’re on a tight deadline.

Speaking of which, it’s time to wrap this up…




Now don’t think this is all that Eye Candy has to offer, this is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. You can find out more at www.alienskin.com


Stay tuned for more missing gifts.