An Encore in Fine Taschen Fashion

The New Erotic Photography 2, edited by Dian Hanson, follows in the footsteps of volume 1 published in 2007. (Has it really been that many years? I guess so.)  Like its predecessor, this collection features photographers from around the world, exhibiting their best nudes—over 400 photos lavishly reproduced.

Weighing in at 6+ pounds, you’ll need a sturdy coffee table to display it. The roster  includes Zoom Street contributor James Christopher, George Pitts, Eric Bonzi, Cyril Torrent, Jo Schwab, Yossi Loloi, Tomohide Ikeya, Frederic Fontenoy, Andrew Pashis, Jan Hronsky, Chase Lisbon, and many others. This edition’s selection strikes me as more powerful, the images more varied, and particularly worthy of the Taschen treatment. A brief browse through the book and you’re sure to find plenty of  images worth a second look. If not, then you had better check your pulse.

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