Shoot First, Shoot Fast

Spider Holster

Here on the Wild West Coast there’s plenty of action, but to capture it you’ve got to be fast.  Make that quick on the draw. There’s simply too much competition out there. It’s a jungle of DSLRs looking for that killer shot.

Slow pokes and tourists wear their cameras like necklaces while life passes them by.

Over the shoulder is popular with pros, but that can be cumbersome and clunky in a shootout.

The solution is to shoot from the hip with the Spider Camera Holster. It’s not just cool, but practical and FAST. Attach your camera to the system (even with a mounted speedlight)  and let it all hang down. Now you’re ready for anything.

spider system


We tested the SpiderPro Single Camera System which includes holster, SpiderPro Belt, and SpiderPro Plate. The latter attaches directly to your camera’s tripod mount.

Packing DSLR heat at the hip felt so natural,  you wonder how you’ve gone so long with a dangling shoulder strap.

The unit is comfortable to wear and secure with its two-position lock. And it’s crafted to last through tough shooting situations on the mean streets and beyond—stainless steel and hardened aluminum cast.

Armed with this holster and a camera set in burst mode, you’re guaranteed to get the shot.

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