What Global Warming?

As a veteran Photoshop user, it’s not every day that I come across a third-party special effect that’s truly unusual. Even rarer, a FREE one. But this morning I stumbled upon “Snow” from PSKiss. I’ve reviewed some of their filters in the past and have not been disappointed, but this one really blew me away—especially with all the heat we’ve been having here in the Bay Area.

To test the effect I grabbed a shot I took recently by the Russian River. The screen-shot below say it all.

PSKiss Snow

The company’s motto is “Keeping it smart & simple” and it doesn’t get any smarter nor simpler than this, just one click of the mouse and presto!

Here’s another before and after example:

before and after

Note the realistic frozen fringe just below the roof of this kiosk. No tweaking necessary—or possible.

PSKiss Snow's one-button interface

Check out this and other PSKiss offerings here.