Hot Shots from the Car

The Puffin Pad

Just in time for summer—the Puffin Pad has arrived! Having lugged around clunky beanbags in the past, we’re sure glad Ken Blye and Wayne Bennett came up with this feather-light (3.4oz.) accessory—a clever alternative to beanbags crafted from durable automotive foam, topped with  1/2 inch of memory foam.  It attaches firmly to the car window via a slot in the base and provides a steady surface to rest your telephoto lens, whether parked or in motion.

Bye-bye blurred shots!

The unit’s Tether Kit contains a mounting bracket, one 11/2" pan head screw, a 30" break-away lanyard for looping to your wrist, boat rail, gate rail etc.

The Puffin Pad is not just a window mount, either—flip it over and you’ve got a comfy rest for your lens on any surface.


The Puffin Pad

Ever tried to balance a 600mm lens on the curved roof of a car? No fun unless you’ve got one of these.

The Puffin Pad

This baby gets our Street Smart Editors’ Choice award and plenty of thanks in advance  for sharp shots on the road.

Editors' Choice Award

Order one at and hit the road!

The Puffin Pad