No Fasting

courtesy of Norman Conquest

“Midnight Mass” is the rare “Plate 1” in artist Norman Conquest’s seminal Church of the Trans-Fat placemat series. [Click on image and pray for  larger view.]

Conquest began his mixed media church work in 2006, and it remains in-progress.

In addition to 26 laminated placemats, there is an illustrated  pamphlet celebrating the spirit of American gluttony The covers below are for the “mass market” edition (left) and the limited “deluxe banquet edition.”

 [Click on image and pray for larger view.]

cover for the "masss market" and "deluxe" editions

There are various “suitable for framing” church certificates, including the exquisite one below.

[Click on image and pray for larger view.]


The series includes post cards, tax deductible donor flags, barf badges, and not-for-the-squeamish ephemera.

Aisle of Light (CTF Editions: 2010)

“Aisle of Light” (2010). Post card.


promotional poster by Norman Conquest

CTF poster (2012)

Last but not least there’s a limited edition CTF boxed product: Partially Hydrogenated Communion Wafers.

[Click on image and pray for larger view.]


You’ll find more works by Norman Conquest  here

For additional information about the artist you can e-mail me.