The Floating Pirate

Artist Norman Conquest plans to publish a pirated edition  of Red Cats (a collection of Russian poetry) in the form of a hardcover hologram.

“Beaming poems with automated page-flip is easy,” Conquest told me. “The technical hurdle is distribution and getting the damn bar code to work.”

Can one copyright a hologram?

“The Library of Congress has a special sky wing devoted to holograms.”

Will there eventually be a Kindle edition?

“We’re negotiating that.”

Will the book be expensive?

“Not if you’re Mitt Romney.”

Here’s the original paperback edition published by City Lights.


Red Cats cover


And here’s the Conquest work-in-progress.


Hollo Hologram by Norman Conquest

The artist has promised to beam me a review copy as soon as it’s available.

Stay tuned.