Fug You & the Horse You Rode in On

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Lordy-lordy. weirdness redux.

A rabid flashback to the 1960s and life on the lower east side through the beaming Peace-Eyes of inspired, rant-chanting rebel, Ed Sanders—poet, peace-creep, gush-flusher, porn-ape, bardic Fug-hugging tantric flame-thrower… anti-nuking nooky-guzzling communard of the cosmic piss-off.

If you think that was hard to say, you’re too young to remember.


As a flowering teen hipster, Sanders was my high school beatheart with the accent on “high’.” Despite the lurking dangers I often made the pilgrimage to the Peace Eye bookstore on Avenue A to “slouch & skulk” amid the hallowed poem-tomes and back issues of Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts, and basked in the musty moon spew. It was there that—in an act of sheer Socialist Utopian generosity—Sanders bestowed upon this groveling word-urchin an even-then rare copy of his mimeo’d Fuck You Press edition of Roosevelt After Inauguration by William Burroughs (with hand-drawn cover* by Allen Ginsberg).

Alas, not my copy

Does anyone remember the Anderson Theater where Jim Morrison and the author’s satiric cult-rock band The Fugs performed? I do.

And now you can, too!!

All those long-gone, ear-splitting, hashish’d mimeo-thrill-times are bottled inside this beatific memoir zapped out by Da Capo Press.


Nice to see that at age 72 Sanders’ spirit hasn’t dulled, even if he claims to be too “creaky” to camp-out at Occupy Wall Street. Hell, he still supports the movement in absentia with vegetarian prayer-fasts.

And—praise Rah!—he still spews exclamation marks like confetti hailing an ancient Egyptian death-bash!

photo by Derek Pell

Buy Fug You or…

go fug yourself!!!



*The cover and many other rarities from the E.S. archives are reproduced in Fug You: An Informal History of the Peace Eye Bookstore, the Fuck You Press, the Fugs, and Counterculture in the Lower East Side.