Winter’s Tale(s)

The Twenty-Year Death

Just received an advance review copy (make that way-in-advance) of THE TWENTY-YEAR DEATH by Ariel S. Winter—a name you don’t know, although I suspect you’ll be hearing a lot about him when the book is finally published on August 7th. Charles Ardai, the editor at Hard Case Crime, is thrilled to the gills over this 672-page novel. It’s an ambitious, Nabokovian experiment—3 separate novels set in three different decades (1931, 1941, 1951), all linked to reveal a tragic tale of an author whose life is destroyed by violence.  But that’s not all. The  novels are  written in the style of crime greats Georges Simenon, Raymond Chandler, and Jim Thompson* respectively. 

Admittedly that’s a lot to digest, but then an abridged edition wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable.

I’m into the opening novel called “Malniveau Prison” and it’s keeping me glued to its pages. Can the author actually pull this off? I’ll let you know when I’m done.

Looks like I’ll be with Winter until the spring.



*Or is it Josephine Tey?  Smile