Shots in the Dark


If  you’re not happy with how your camera  neutralizes the color in your night shots, PS KISS (“Keeping  it Smart & Simple”) has a collection of presets for Photoshop and Lightroom that’ll make your day.  (Make  that night)   Colors after dark can be warm, rich, and subtle,  but  capturing them is tricky.  if you haven’t mastered the art of  long exposures (or don’t have the  time ), Night Palettes 1 can help bring the  night  back to life.
This collection of presets includes:
  • Classic Dark
  • Classic Dark – Enhanced Oranges
  • Classic Dark – Enhanced Yellows
  • Classic Dark – Pale Yellows
  • Classic Dark – Reddish Pale
  • Classic Dark – Slightest Cooling
  • Classic Dark – Warm

More info here.