Funky Junk


Mail-Order Mysteries: Real Stuff from Old Comic Book Ads!

This book is a nostalgic bash—the inside poop on those novelty items every kid once dreamed of. If you’re old enough to remember how if felt to ogle the amazing, too-good-to-be-true gifts on the back of Superman and Archie comic books, then you’ll surely get a kick and some laffs out of this lavishly produced compendium of crap.

Here are not only the garish ads, but photos of the actual junk that was peddled & hyped. Kirk Demarais divides his commentary into four categories: “We Imagined”…They Sent…Behind the Mystery…Customer Satisfaction.”  Of course most of the stuff—like X-Ray Spex and Gigantic Dinosaurs—turned out to be a mondo downer. Dreams crumbled and dissolved once the  Polaris Nuclear Sub arrived or the  Ventriloquist Dummy, complete with plastic head and “held together with scrap fabric, cardboard, and rubber bands.” (Sob)

Well, at least if you order Mail-Order Mysteries, you won’t be disappointed, just surprised.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.