Calling All Collage Graduates


If digital collage and photo montage is your cup of tea, AKVIS Chameleon 7.5 is a wonderful tool that simplifies the process. Instead of creating time-consuming masks and selections, Chameleon does most of the work for you via four modes: Montage; Chameleon; Blend; and Emersion.

Here’s my test of Montage mode. I decided  to use this photo of my wife and put it on a different background.

original image for foreground

First I launched Chameleon and opened a background image. Next, I imported the foreground photo and positioned it above the background.


Using the program’s Keep Area pencil tool I drew rough blue lines within the figure. (Click on the screen-shots for a larger view.)  Then switching to the Drop Area pencil I drew rough red lines within the background.

What’s cool about this is you don’t have to draw an accurate outline of either area, just a rough scribble seems to do the trick.


Presto! You’re a quick-change artist.

To find out more about Chameleon, CLICK HERE.