Let’s Make One Thing Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear from Athentech Imaging

As far as quick fixes go, the Perfectly Clear plug-in for Photoshop is one of the best.

Just open a photo,  launch it from the Filter menu, and you’ll instantly see an enhanced image. While you can stick with the default setting, it’s preferable to select a preset category (Landscapes, Portrait, Noise Removal, Fix Dark, Tint Removal). and then adjust individual parameters (White balance, Tone, Exposure, Contrast, Clarity, etc.) via slider bars. In the screenshot below I tweaked the photo to get more detail in the shadow areas. (Click on images for large view.)

Perfectly Clear

In the case of the deer, I removed the yellowish color cast and enhanced the clarity.

Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear from Athentech Imaging works its magic in real time. The plug-in is simple to use and requires no manual for the interface is, well, perfectly clear.

Perfectly Clear Correction Settings

If you want to give a boost to workflow and auto-enhance your photos, purchase this little gem right here.