Too Close for Comfort

CLOSE-UP by Esther Verhoef

This seductive psychological thriller by Esther Verhoef (translated from the Dutch by Paul Vincent) begins with an icy, sociopathic voice describing a carefully calculated murder.

While the bath was filling up, my eye fell on the razor in its case. Not the disposable kind, but a handmade cutthroat razor, the sort you sometimes see in Italian barber shops, extremely sharp. My heart skipped a beat, such was the feeling the sharp razor awakened in me and the ideas—new ideas—that occurred to me. Then I shook my head. No. Stick to the plan. No improvisations. There’s always a next time.

With the promise of “a next time,” a nasty little ball is set in motion  and the reader begins to squirm.

Verhoef switches to a first person narrative of her heroine, Margot, a lonely, insecure young woman  trying to shake the memory of a relationship gone bad.

Verhoef cunningly draws us in close to Margo until we begin to share her vulnerability. We’re ultimately seduced by a growing sense of menace when she travels to London for a weekend getaway.

Be warned, there’s an undertow just below the surface of the text. Its inherent, erotic creepiness reminds me of Derek Marlowe’s haunting novel Nightshade

 Esther Verhoef

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Close-Up is published by Felony & Mayhem in their superb “Foreign” series, which offers American readers the opportunity to discover an  unfamiliar realm of mysteries.


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[NOTE TO MAGGIE TOPKIS: Marlowe’s book has been out of print for many years and would make a wonderful addition to your list.]