Shelf Noir

photo by Derek Pell

New novels are dropping by every day. Guess you could say UPS always rings twice.  Yesterday a  batch arrived unannounced from Minotaur, so it looks like I need another  bookcase. For the time being it’s 4 on the floor.


I couldn’t help peeking at Voyeur and discovered it was signed by the author. I read the first chapter and it’s killer, so I’ve moved it to the top of the pile.



A tip of the fedora to Hector  DeJean at St. Martin’s Press for keeping me up to speed on the Minotaur imprint.  Watch for future reviews on Zoom Street.


Other publishers have muscled their way onto my reading list, too… like Overlook Press. I usually can count on them for offbeat titles other houses shy away from.

It was a pleasant surprise to receive their 4th Edition of this classic reference…


Film Noir: The Encyclopedia edited by Alain Dilver, Elizabeth Ward, James Ursini, Robert Porfirio, & Carl Macek

This one’s for serious fans only—an encyclopedia that’s as authoritative as it gets. In addition to complete A-Z entries on the classics and sub-species of the genre, it includes a meaty section on “Neo-Noir,” with the lowdown on films like Chinatown, Blade Runner, and Blood Simple.

There are also hundreds of film stills so I can bask  in the murky shadows while boning up on style and substance.

A hefty, hard-boiled tome!