AKVIS MakeUp 2.0


You might not walk a mile for a Camel, but I think you’ll consider running to Russia for MakeUp. That is, the portrait retouching software from AKVISMakeUp 2.

Actually it’s closer than you think… only a mouse-click away.

Today there’s a lot of competition in the area of portrait retouching, but MakeUp has several things going for it: it’s fast, easy to use, and produces pleasing results. For anyone who doesn’t want to mess with multiple layers and complex image masks, this stand-alone little app is the ideal solution.

Here are a few screen-shots (click on images for a larger view):

Zoom Street Photo

Tweak settings via convenient slider bars.

Zoom Street Photo

There are many built-in presets that will help you achieve the look you’re after.

Zoom Street Photo

Once you’ve nailed down the lighting and skin tones, you can finish up the image with a few post-production tools.

Zoom Street Photo

Above is the History Brush tool for restoring areas to their original state.


There’s also a handy Spot Remover for erasing dust, scratches, and stains.

After tinkering with parameters you can save a custom look as a preset so it’s available whenever you want. MakeUp can also perform batch processing operations for applying effects to multiple photos.

You can download a FREE trial of MakeUp here. From Russia with love, of course.


The photo below was retouched in MakeUp and then treated to a black and white (“Noir #3”) conversion in Nik Silver Effects. Although AKVIS has a basic black and white preset, I prefer to use Nik’s dedicated plug-in when making monochrome conversions.

photo by Derek Pell