Back in the USSR (Noir)

Zoom Street’s managing editor Jim McMenamin reacted to the slide & seek puzzle in my previous post  by suggesting I’d been under the influence of experimental cinematographer Dziga Vertov,

Dziga Vertov

For a true comparison I’ve put it in slide format.

Dziga Vertov

And here’s my original…

photo by Derek Pell

Dziga Vertov

Close, but no big Czar.

In point of fact I was shooting under the influence of a cuppa joe.


photo by Derek Pell

Furthermore, Dziga Vertov was unknown to me. (Yes, that’s an embarrassing confession )

In retrospect, I was undoubtedly influenced subconsciously by the great Russian absurdists Daniil Kharms and Velemir Khlebnikov.

By the way, here’s a seminal anthology everyone should read.


Amazing how a single snapshot can lead us to Russian absurdism.

I will strive to present more puzzles in the future.