On Air

Zoom Street Photo

As mentioned in last Friday’s post, I’m testing the Profoto D1 Air 500 Studio Kit, along with the optional Profoto Air Remote shown above.

As a quick initial test I mounted the remote on a Nikon D300s and took one of the two D1 Monolights (with umbrella & stand) out on the deck as the sun was going down.

Using only one light I didn’t have to set the channel on the remote, simply test fired the strobe from the camera to determine the level of power I wanted. Since the strobe packs 500 watts, I didn’t want much in order to blend the flash with the ambient light.

I called my wife out and promised I’d only take two quick snaps, which I did. Here’s one…

photo by Derek Pell

I like the highlights in the hair and the eye-light, although the portrait could have been improved with  some bounce fill off to the right. Unless you want a more dramatic image like this.  The quality of the monolight was just about right.

Very impressed with the kit working right out of the box—hassle-free wireless control.

Profoto Air Remote

More soon.