The past is present and retro is still the rage. Actually I’m waiting for the 21st century to become retro, but until it does I’ll use Retrographer from Mister Retro. It’s a new (make that old) plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that transports your snaps back to the stainy daze of Technicolor.  It’s packed with 15 awesome vintage photography effects and over a thousand preset camera settings! Get ready to burn the midnight oil—you’ll be filtering long after the cows come home.

Give you shots a musty scrapbook feel…add a dash of grunge, a fistful of faded charm, a sprinkle of stains, a pinch of screwy convergence, and a heaping tablespoon of halftone splatter.

Yum… it smells like TV Dinners!

Below are some mundane shots from my archive that have been reborn in all their retro glory thanks to Retrographer.

photo by Derek Pell


photo by Derek Pell


photo by Derek Pell

photo by Derek Pell

If you’ll pardon the pun, these examples barely scratch the surface of what’s possible with Retrographer.

Each filter is customizable in the extreme. There are  four tabbed sections available to each—Camera / Lens / Flash / Film / Lab / Effects / Finish—with numerous adjustable parameters.

Courtesy of Zoom Street

And, yes, you can save your customizations so you can always go back
to the  future.

photo by Derek Pell

The plug-in is available for purchase here.

A word of caution: it takes over an hour to download. Then again, I guess that’s fitting for golden retro software.


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