Covers Up


Here are the covers of some of my books (16 shown with 9 missing— excluding 5 pseudonymous titles).

I don’t have copies of them all, but found the covers via a Google search. The earliest below (“Uncle Sam”) was published in 1968—yikes!

selected covers

A tip of the hat to some of the brave publishers who threw light on dark corners: Dodd, Mead & Co.; H.P. Oliver Books; Harcourt Brace Jovanovich; Putnam; Black Journal Books; The Fault; Random House; Jonathan Cape; Obscure Publications; Avon Books; Semiotext(e); Autonomedia; Permeable Press; Que Books;
Cat’s Pajamas Press
; Dover Publications; No Starch Press.  Angus & Robertson.




Just found these:

Morbid Curiosities (UK edition)

True Tiny Tales of Terror (with Ann Hodgman)

By Any Means Anthology - edited by Norman Conquest


A Beginner's Guide to Art Deconstruction by Norman Conquest





Graduating with 1st Class Honours is not one of my books.

Or if it is, I don’t remember writing it.