The Teapublican Party

Forget the GOP, there’s no more Republican party.

Now that the tea-baggers have infiltrated the ranks and toppled the leadership it’s time to call a spade a spade and raise a new flag…

Teapublican flag

The new party needs a new slogan, too.

Teapublicans can’t use “Don’t Tread On Me”… it’s taken. Besides, they’ve proven they’re not patriots, just Bible-thumping flame-brains with pacs to grind.

“Death to America” would be  fitting since they’re hell-bent on bringing the country to its knees.

Or how about the old anarchist ditty—“There’s no government like no government.”

Well whatever the tune is it’s completely off-key. Their theme song is a dirge.

Funded from the outset by blood money from oil tycoons, let’s put to bed the “grassroots” lie. A spontaneous movement? No way… these are the same rightwing evangelical conservatives and ragtag racists who’ve  always voted Republican.  Sure there were a few blue-dogs pissing in the crowd, but the vast majority were those familiar minions of greed… the same mean-spirited bigots who’ve always haunted the GOP tent.

Hell, Teapublicans are the John Birch Society on steroids—reborn and in control.

Bottom line: there are no more Republicans.

That party’s over, let the cult begin.

Call them what they are: