Bullet Points

photo by Derek Pell

Here are a few items that fell through the cracks.


Hug a Tree with Jay Hook

If a photographer takes a snap in the forest, does s/he make a sound? Who knows, but with the Jay Hook you’ve always got a perch for your camera in the wilderness. This nifty accessory fits in a backpack and sets up in seconds. Wrap the strap around a tree and attach the camera to the Camhead and the Camhead to the hook. No more trying to balance on a rock or fence post. Set the timer and get a rock-steady shot of yourself in the picture.   Order it here.


PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor

We raved about Sony Sound Forge in the July issue of Zoom Street, but this little app deserves to be in your audio editing arsenal, too. It can record any sound that plays through your PC’s speakers and is perfect for capturing embedded audio on the web. For example, I needed to record the robo-voice reading a translated text on Google Translate. Sound Forge couldn’t do this, but with PolderbitS Sound Recorder it’s as simple as pressing the record button, then saving the file in wav. format.

Features include:

  • Transfer lp and tapes to CD and create your own CD’s
  • Record streaming audio and anything you hear on your PC
  • Clean clicks, pops and crackle from your vinyl recordings, reduce noise from your tape recordings and enhance overall sound quality with our equalizer
  • Record old 78 rpm records at 45 rpm and correct the playback speed
  • Convert your files from mp3 to wav and vice versa
  • Edit your existing mp3 or wav sound files splitting recordings into multiple tracks
  • Use a recording timer to record internet radio broadcasts for example

This little gem is available for download here.



Immerse Yourself (More Summer Reading)

This hilarious  Dortmunder novel by Westlake is the longest in the series and, sadly,  out of print. But you can purchase a used copy on Amazon for pennies. I no longer have my hardcover copy, so  I’m replacing it with this paperback edition. Hell, the cover by Scottish artist Wilson McLean makes it a double treat. Blub. Blub. Blub.

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