Noir Turn(s)

photo by Derek Pell

Original shot on the left taken on a foggy night in San Diego. The color is a bit Miami Vice. The version at right has been treated to Magic Bullet’s “Black Crunch” and is closer to traditional noir lighting. (Note, the street lamp’s illumination  has been cloned away.)

Here’s another neo-noir image I shot using a speedlight to enhance the stark,  noirish shadows. (You can see the flash positioned at the top of the steps.)

photo by Derek Pell 

There are a variety of black and white effects to choose from, but many do not preserve the dim reddish light in the background on the left. Again, a  crunch.with Magic Bullet Looks did the trick

photo by Derek Pell

I could have shot the originals in monochrome, but the camera’s conversion is not nearly as good as a solution in post.

So there’s a cool  touch of noir for a hot summer night.


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