New SmartSound Plug-In for Premiere Pro Rocks!

SmartSound Plug-In for Premiere Pro

There’s s a great workflow enhancement for Sonicfire Pro 5 users—a plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and 5.5. Using the Express Track search tool, locate and download a royalty-free music track, customize the music (set length, variation, instrument mix), and when the soundtrack is ready simply push the send button and it opens in Premiere Pro. Just drag it to the timeline—bingo!

You will also save time with the Smart Recall feature. Double-click your SmartSound music file from the project bin or timeline and it takes you right back to your Sonicfire Pro project where you can tweak and edit it. When done, send it back to Premiere.

Sounds sweet, yes?

You can grab the SmartSound plug-in here.

Happy Weekend!