Did you hear the one about Freud and Picasso?

photo by Derek Pell

Freud and Picasso were sitting on a bench…

Unfortunately I’ve forgotten the punch line.

But at least I remembered how to use the Content Aware Fill command in Photoshop CS5.

Here’s the original photo taken in Santa Rosa:


Sometimes it’s impossible to simply crop out distractions like the fire hydrant and lamp post above. You  can try changing your position, but in this example a head on angle showed the storefronts, cars, and pedestrians across the street. So you’re forced to do some work in post. In the past it would require a lot of careful cloning, but with Photoshop CS5 you need only make selections around the elements you want to remove and choose Edit / Fill /Content-Aware.


I left the planter in the background because it wasn’t a distraction and actually provided some balance to the distorted angle. However, I applied a blur to tone it down a bit.

If the fire hydrant had been red, I might have lived with it, but white steals the show.