It’s Not the Summer Solstice Yet, But…

Zoom Street Photo

…things are heating up.

In anticipation of Zoom Street’s July issue, on deck we’ve got a review of the Fujifilm FinePix Z900.  It has lots of cool features, including an LCD touch-screen.

These days digicams are feeling the heat from smartphones, so the manufacturers have to keep upping the ante to stay in the game. Fujifilm has done just that with the Z900, so stay tuned and we’ll give you the scoop.


Speaking of heat…

Nikon just filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Sigmayikes! It’s all about Sigma’s implementation of VR (vibration reduction), and apparently it’s worth about 150 million bucks.

This is  two of our favorite companies going head to head. Instead, we think they should be standing shoulder to shoulder, as  Sigma lenses play so nicely with Nikon cameras.

Zoom Street Photo

Will let you know how this all, uh, pans out.