Prodigy Dome Makes Nice With the Light

Zoom Street Photo

Graslon sent me their cool Prodigy Dome Flash Diffuser to play with and it’s one hell of an accessory for strobists. It’s big, but not too big, so you’’ll want to take it on location shots.

It’s also easy to attach to the flash head (snaps right on like an Orbis Ring) so you’re not hassling with set-up and missing shots. Best of all it gives you lots of coverage and creamy smooth light. across the frame.

Note the highlights in the hair…

Zoom Street Photo

It’s a Prodigy indeed! Right out of the box it’s a winner—born to make magic with your portable strobe.

Zoom Street Photo

I highly recommend adding the 4100 Series Dome to your bag of tricks. I’ll have more to say about this in the July issue of Zoom Street.

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