Speaking of self-portraits…

photo by Derek Pell

Mirror shots like the one above barely scratch the surface when you consider the creative possibilities of self-portrait photography. For example, take a look at the work of Natalie Dybisz (a.k.a. Miss Aniela) which presents a world of personal expression where self-portraiture becomes theater.




Her new book, Self-Portrait Photography (Pixiq) is a treasure trove of inspiration. In addition to her own stunning shots, the author includes the work of other talented photographers specializing in self-portraits: Annette Pehrsson, Rossina Bossio, Noah Kalina, Joanne Ratkowski, Yulia Gorodinski, Jon Jacobsen, Federico Erra, and Lucia Holm.


The essays by Dybisz and her contributors make this a must-have sourcebook on explorations in this genre. Cutting edge & very cool.

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