Whatever Happened to Waddy Peytona?


Received a tip from Peddy Bottom, and found her on the side of the road.

Somewhere in Kentucky, Ducky

This, however,  is not my photo. I drove by too fast.

Waddy, my first love, lives alone and misses me dearly as well she should. She looks remarkably good for her age, still sexy after all these years. Sadly, there was no time to dance.


I’m on the road now, finally.

Never thought we’d make it out  the driveway. No room in the trunk for a toothpick.

California Here I Come

Main gear bag serving as an armrest, wedged between driver & passenger. You can bet I’ve mastered the art of packing after so many cross-country drives. My working theory can be summed up in a single image…

The Art of Packing