April Fools & April Nudes!

from the Zoom Street 2011 Calendar

I just won the lottery. (April Fools.)

Is it spring yet? Must be,

As you’re reading this I’m on the road, driving across the good old USA to sunny (I hope) California. Winter in Charlottesville, Virginia was a hellish reminder of why I abandoned the East Coast for Left.

We had snow on March 27th—a final kick in the butt goodbye.

Spring Flower?

First stop, San Rafael to pick up stuff in storage, then it’s   north through wine country to Hidden Valley Lake and Zoom Street’s new home near the water…

Hidden Valley Lake

Speaking of ZS, don’t miss the Third Annual April Nudes special issue—featuring galleries of new photographs by Diana Scheunemann and Jeffrey Robb.


Now that’s what I call Spring Break.