Reflections on Java & Other Snap Judgments (by a Lazy Shooter)

photo by Derek Pell

While having my morning mug of French Roast, I noticed this reflection floatin’ in the joe. Since I happened to have a digicam in my pocket, I took a quick snap. I tried reading the tree leaves to see what the future held, but their meaning eluded me. So I gulped down the remains instead.

Ricoh CX5

The camera in question was a new Ricoh CX5 which I’m reviewing for Zoom Street. I decided to try its Macro function. I turned to my left and snapped a bug. (The camera’s AutoFocus is very fast.)

photo by Derek Pell

Since I hadn’t moved from my position perched on the back steps, I figured I’d try to shoot all the tests from the same spot. 

I glanced over my shoulder and spied my dog, Tuli, staring out at me. Framed in the pane, he was a portrait begging to be captured. I zoomed in with the cam’s 10.7x zoom lens…


photo by Derek Pell

It may look like I applied an artistic border to the image, but that’s just the paint around the window. All natural, no artificial filters. 

The CX5 was batting a thousand.

I turned to my right and saw one more shot—a dinner bell.


photo by Derek Pell

A fitting conclusion since I was starving.

Not bad—four on the floor—and I’d barely moved a muscle. Call me lazy but this assignment is turning out to be a snap.


NOTE: Watch for the review of the Ricoh CX5 in the April issue of Zoom Street. For more info on the camera visit Ricoh.