Copyrights & Wrongs

Copyrights & Wrongs

Here’s a tip for Adobe Lightroom users.  I’d intended to post this on New Year’s Day, but it fell through the cracks in my memory.

Back to the Future

If you’ve created a metadata preset that includes copyright info—(and well you should, it’s simple)—don’t forget to update it. Otherwise you’ll still be taking shots in 2010.

I updated mine, but then discovered that Lightroom was still showing 2010 in the metadata panel. Hunh? Then I realized I hadn’t changed the copyright setting in my camera—doh. And the Lightroom preset doesn’t override what the camera’s metadata.

And while you’re at it, check the Time Zone when you travel.


One more cheap tip.

ISO Dumb

From a former film-shooter’s perspective, one of the coolest things about digital photography is the ability to change the ISO setting shot by shot. With film if you wanted to change the speed, you had to load a new roll.

The only gotcha today is remembering to check your ISO before shooting. Lets say you cranked up your setting to 1200 to capture a subject in low light. The next day you go out to shoot at high noon, forgetting to dial that sucker down to 200—(or whatever your camera’s default setting is)—and wind up with a noise storm.

So I had an idea…Light bulb

ISO Brilliant

Although I’m not an engineer, I’m certain it would be a snap to have an ISO-Reset feature. One push of a button and you’re back at 200.

Here’s a doctored shot of the dial on my Nikon D300s.

Zoom Street Photo (doctored)

Below is the unaltered dial. You’ll see I removed the superfluous Quality setting. With the immense capacity of memory cards today, why on earth would anyone want to change this from the maximum Fine/Large? Duh.

Zoom Street Photo

But until the manufacturers adopt my simple (yet brilliant) solution, remember to check your settings before pressing the shutter.