Part II

Zoom Street Photos

As promised, here’s the sequel to my roundup of travel gear. (To read the first installment, just click here.)

More Nuts & Bolts (Minus Meat & Potatoes)

I’ve blabbed about my Nikon cams and lenses often enough on this blog so I’m omitting them. Ditto the 3 LP160 flash units and other speedlights. And, as you may have guessed, I’ll be using the PocketWizard wireless system. Without all this stuff there’ be no photos, only stick figures scrawled on a fast-food napkin. (Joe McNally can get away with it, I can’t.)


While I hand-hold 90% of my shots, the rest require a decent tripod of which I have several. For this trip I chose the Vista Fusion (from Tiffen ) because it’s light & compact, and its 3-way fluid head is handy for DSLR video. (Pan & tilt, anyone?) It’s also priced below $60 and who’s gonna complain about that.

I’m bringing a boatload of batteries, natch—nothing runs without ‘em. Besides, the last thing I want to do on the road is go shopping for spares.

I’ve squirreled away plenty of CF & SDHC memory cards, none less than 8GB.  Lexar and SanDisk are the ones I trust.

Assorted Rogue FlashBenders are stuffed in sleeves and accessory pockets.

Zoom Street Photo

My orbis ring flash will be riding shotgun in case I need an eye-light.

Bags & Cases5bags
1. Domke F-7 Double AF Shoulder Bag. Great for general use and when I need both DSLRs, 2 lenses, and a speedlight. LINK2. Retrospective Lens Changer 3 from ThinkTank Photo (Using this exclusively to hold 3 small strobes instead of lenses.) LINK3. Tamrac MX5385 M.A.S. Flash Accessory Pocket. (Large, Black) Perfect fit for the LumoPro LP160 Quad Sync Flash) LINK4. Domke F2 Original Rugged Wear Shooter’s Bag. This is a small bag for traveling light—1 camera w/ 18-200mm zoom lens mounted, and a single Nikon speedlight. Killer looks.  LINK

5. Tenba Black Label Large Shoulder Bag. This is the one one I grab when I anticipate a rough ride and need to carry it all. The Black Label offers the best protection of the group with its foam-laminated Ballistic Nylon and internal floor board with 1.0″ of padding. Holds two DSLR bodies + 4-6  lenses, with additional space for accessories in its side cargo pockets and large front pocket with 9 small compartments. LINK

UPDATE (3/17)

 I forgot this important bag…

Tenba Messenger

 6. Tenba Messenger. I carry my laptop in this baby. It holds tons of struff– all my papers, magazines, books, mouse, chargers & cables. I’ve had it for years and it’s a workhorse. Tried, true & blue. LINK

UPDATE (3/18)

 Oh, and three more..!

Travel Pouch

7. Travel Pouch (small) from ThinkTank Photo. This is for spareware, i.e., soap. razors, socks, & a clean pair of underwear (just in case). A mesh front reminds me what’s inside, and when it’s empty I simply fold it up and stash it away.  LINK


8. AA-Battery Holder from ThinkTank Photo. Keeps those pesky bats from falling in the cracks. They’re snug & safe & a snap to locate when the power goes out.   LINK



9. Pixel-Pocket Rocket from (yet again) ThinkTank Photo. Zoom Street has already raved about this littled padded case for storing memory cards. All of mine are secured inside (holds 10 cards.) LINK

It would be nice to close out this section update with a 10th item, but I’m all listed out. Then again, who knows? Stay tuned for future updates  🙂




Inside Job is the only DVD I’m taking and maybe “entertainment” is the wrong word. In fact, watching this documentary about the banksters might result in a case of road rage.


I always need some laughs on a long trip and Donald Westlake is guaranteed. I’ll be rereading The Hot Rock—his very first Dortmunder novel. And you can bet I won’t be thinking of Robert Redford as J.D.


I usually confine myself to packing paperbacks when traveling, but I’m making an exception for Marcia Muller’s Coming Back—the latest Sharon McCone Mystery. First, it’s a follow-up to her novel Locked In (now in paperback)which kept me turning pages past my bedtime. Second, it’s set in the area I’m heading to and I’m a sucker for regional mysteries with fog.


Jazz, lots of it. Keith Jarrett and Coltrane make the drive go faster.


I wish I could say… “that’s all folks”… but it’s not. Since this is a permanent move I’ve only scratched the surface. Well, at least I’ve spared you the list of kitchen utensils and dog toys.




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