A Pocket Full of Flash

TAMRAC 5385_large
I’ve been gathering together gear in preparation for my 14th cross-country drive. We’re moving to a new home in northern California—Hidden Valley Lake—above Napa.

No more Mr. Renter, thank you very much.

Zoom Street Photo

Part of the journey will be devoted to a feature for Zoom Street called Road Strobes. I’ll be using three LumoPro LP160 Quad-sync flash units exclusively. (You can read my report on the LP160 here.)  This strobe offers professional quality and the oomph of a Nikon SB-900 at an affordable price—$160. (Keep in mind Nikon and Canon’s high-end flashes run $500. So you can have three for the price of one SB-900. And who do we have to thank for this stellar light? Moishe Applebaum of Midwest Photo Exchange in Columbus, Ohio. (Bless you, Moishe.)

Now the LP160 is a manual flash without all the TTL bells and whistles, but that’s fine with me. The only problem I faced with the LP160… it doesn’t come with a padded travel pouch. I understand that helps to keep the price down. But if you think finding a generic case is easy—take my word for it—it ain’t.

Midwest Photo has the 32” LumoPro Lighting Case—a nice bag, but way too big for my purpose. So I shopped around in brick & mortar stores, but still came up empty. Digicam cases & lens bags were too small. Camera cases too big. I even searched luggage shops through miscellaneous travel bags, but nada nada nada, no cigar.

I phoned Adorama and gave them the dimensions…they had one soft case but couldn’t guarantee it would fit.

After a grueling search online, I finally stumbled on the Tamrac MX5385 M.A.S. Flash Accessory Pocket (Large, Black… see details at bottom of this post).


I purchased the last one in stock on Amazonand it’s perfect.

Zoom Street Photo

flash case

Not only is it a perfect fit—snug and well-padded with a bit of breathing room at top—but it includes a front pocket for the flash stand and spare batteries. The case can be quickly attached to a belt or to most Tamrac products featuring their M.A.S. (Modular Accessory System).





Beat a path to Tamrac immediately!

Zoom Street Photo

The nice folks at Tamrac are sending me two additional “pockets” so each LP160 is guaranteed to survive the  road trip. That is, unless I encounter an IED.

LumoPro LP160

Here are the Tamrac MX5385 specs:

Material    Exterior: 600 denier Ripstop PolyTek nylon
Interior: Closed-cell foam padding
Type of Closure     Touch fastener
Exterior Dimensions     4.5 x 3.125 x 9.25″ (11.43 x 7.94 x 23.5cm) (WxDxH)
Interior Dimensions     3.5 x 1.75 x 8.75″ (8.89 x 4.45 x 22.23cm) (WxDxH)
Accommodates     Flash or light meter
Carrying/Transport Options     Carry handle
Belt loop
Weight     4.0 oz. (113g)

For additional info on these products & other cool gear, visit:

www.tamrac.com   /   www.lumopro.com


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