Memory Tank


What’s the next best thing to steel-belted radials on your sports car? Hoodman RAW STEEL SDHC cards for your cameras. We’ve all heard stories about the innate ruggedness of CF cards, but not SDHC. Well Hoodman decided to buff up these babies, big time. Their RAW STEEL SDHC cards are waterproof, ruggedized, and come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Created for pros who routinely torture their gear in extreme climates and unpredictable locations, RAW STEEL cards are rated Class 10, are Steel Plated, and feature Hoodman’s new, miniature, chip on board technology which “allows extra room for a reinforced internal housing structure that protects sensitive flash components from harm.”

These memory cards are so tough you could probably run ‘em over with steel-belted radials and still retrieve your photos.


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