Got Mud?

photo by Derek Pell

When in Crozet… I hang my AP hat at the Mud House—a bohemian coffeehouse right out of the 1960s. Located in a renovated industrial building near the railroad tracks, it has comfortable “laid back” chairs; home-brewed java and baked goodies; a small stage for musicians and poets; and—de rigeur—free Wi-Fi.

photo by Derek Pell

A mix of natural wood and brick, it’s a cozy corner for sippin’ and surfin.’ Reminds me of California, yet it doesn’t make me homesick since I’ll be returning to the Left Coast soon enough.

Yepper, we’re in the process of purchasing a permanent home for Zoom Street north of Napa.

Got wine?   Hot smile

Zoom has  had it’s share of forwarding addresses. The mag was born in Coronado, then relocated over the bridge to downtown San Diego for a year, then north to Marin County. Rentals all.

But hey, now I’m looking forward to being my own landlord and swimming in the lake.

Wine and water here we come…

Happy V-Day!  Red heart


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