What’s Next..?

photo by Derek Pell

If you were wondering what I do when I’m not snapping photos, editing Zoom Street, or posting to this page… well, you’ll usually find me pruning my book shelves. When I make some space I either write a book or contribute to one in order to fill it.

So here’s what’s due on my shelf next month…


I’m honored to be a part of this conceptual collection of blurbs for non-existent books: The Official Catalog of the Library of Potential Literature edited by Ben Segal and Erinrose Mager (Cow Heavy Books). It will be launched February 7th and includes an impressive list of contributors: Susan Daitch, Harold Jaffe, Warren Motte, Lance Olsen, Tom Philips, Lynne Tillman, and many others.

I know fans of Oulipo will want to get their hands on a copy, so better make some space on the shelf.

You can order a copy here.