Bee Cool—Comb Your Light

Zoom Street Photo

Oh, Honeycomb, won’t you be my baby
Well, Honeycomb, be my own…

Thanks to Harbor Digital Design I can quickly attach a honeycomb grid to my speedlight, add a gel, and sculpt the light for dramatic effects. Modifiers that attach to the strobe via Velcro and straps are not nearly as fast on the draw as the Quick Spot which slips right over the flash head. Easy on, easy off.

The Quick Spot Combo Pack includes two honeycomb grids—1/8″ and 1/4″ —plus two flash adapters and a colored gel kit.  Nifty-swift I’d say, and I did. I suspect you’ll be hearing a lot of buzz among busy shutterbugs (make that shutterbees) for whom every second counts on location. It’s a no-brainer: keep a pair of these in the pocket of your gear bag and slap ‘em on as needed. Swap them, shoot, and pop ‘em off.

Great for portraits or to creatively frame objects. These honeycomb grids are—you guessed it— sweet!

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