Congratulations!—you’ve landed on my lucky 500th post. And what a door-prize I’ve got for you— guaranteed good luck throughout the year! (However if you’re viewing this past the date it was posted, all bets are off, i.e., I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.)

This blog began rolling on July 4th, 2008 and has since crossed several state lines and visited numerous planets. There appeared photographic evidence of UFOs, stellar nudes, lots of gear reviews, and a few absurdist footnotes to spice up my dull prose. Also…boatloads of posts on photo books, mysteries & ephemera. Not to mention a healthy dose of San Diego Noir and Marin HDR.

What, you may ask, am I going to be doing to celebrate this mondo milestone?

Well I’ll treat myself to a double martini and indulge in a sumptuous blogger’s junk-feast—surrounded by half a dozen supermodels. We’ll toast this post, prance and make merry till the wee, wee  hours. (WYWH)

And then, of course  it’ll all be forgotten when I publish #501.

But at least I can stop counting for awhile… that is, until the ultra-fab 1,000th post approaches.

Hope you’ll stop by for that one, as I’ll be sure to come up with a flashier banner.



Editor’s Note: My apologies to whomever designed that Indy 500 logo.